If you want to meet someone who’s still wobbling their way through life, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Jen, living in Manchester, making my way back into Leeds, UK, nomading between coffee shops and far too much cake.

I’m unfinished, unpolished, making it up as a I go. I don’t seek perfection, I seek action, learn by doing! I seize present moments whilst engineering future opportunities. You’ll find me sharing my recipes for getting things done, from step-by-step guides to getting that book idea from head to paper to managing your workload in 4-week blocks.

All my projects are about supporting people to get unstuck, to acknowledge what they want and to continually strive to achieve it.

MY current play projects

(Why ‘Play’? Read my story below.)

Sticky issue – Not enough time!

Sharing all my time management gems

First in the ‘A Space For’ book series about how people can sort out their time so that they can realistically fit in their dreams. Check my books here. Find me on Facebook here –  “Stop Faffing, Start Doing“.

Sticky issue – Don’t know what I want to do in life?

Hiking solo in Taiwan
(did not use Google Maps to get back down…)

Second book in the ‘A Space For’ book series is about figuring out your life purpose. Check my books here. This is born out of this post on Keep Daring – Decide, Act, Repeat.

There’s always another option.

Sticky issue – How can I be me on my own and in relationships?

Tree pose is not easy on sand

Writing a book about breaking free after break ups. I have a fair amount of credit in that School of Life.

My story

Learn by doing — a Play Project (Dec 2015)

I am a self-help junkie, who loves to eat. I’m currently trying to ease the heart palpitations gained from a melted-middle chocolate pud with double cream. I read that the brain uses most of our energy so thinking and typing away! Been reading the ‘Screw Work, Let’s Play’ book by John Williams . I read it 2.5 years ago and it contributed to a life-changing tipping point. At the time I felt trapped in a corporate job where people stressed about deodorant research. Bad BO is indeed a stressful experience, but it shouldn’t turn you into some worker zombie. I remember reading ‘Screw Work, Let’s Play’ on the annoying commute to work, but the sun was shining, spring was returning and I felt hopeful. There’s always awful news (i.e. someone dead) and at the time the Boston Marathon bombings had happened. I found it particularly hard to comprehend, perhaps because they were doing something so innocent and positive, not working for evil corporations or anything like that. I decided that I really needed to kick myself — I was fortunate to be alive and living fairly freely actually. Yes, I was in a crappy job but I could actually get myself out. So, with no job to go to, with savings to cover 3 months, I quit. No regrets at all. Even when I ended up having to do a part-time waitressing gig (which I was later sacked from because of my integrity — another story), no regrets. I had no energy whatever so ever to pick myself up and find a job, I needed to recover, I needed time, open space to just be.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I Googled how to figure out what I wanted in life. I’ve narrowed it down quite a bit now by noticing and building on what I enjoy. Rereading ‘Screw Work, Let’s Play’ has reminded me about starting small — choosing a project, something to try out. It took me a while to switch from a fixed to a growth mindset (recommend checking out Carol Dweck’s work on mindset). So this is me, trying out something I quite enjoy — sharing my confusions, frustrations and experiences with what to do in my life and the awesome books/talks/people out there on figuring it all out.

My own website (ahhhhh!!!) (April 2016)

I first started wanting to write and not get stuck at deciding on a website name so went for Medium.com. Four months later, I’ve been writing bi-weekly 2-3 minute-read posts on Medium.com and it’s getting messy. After deliberating about names and buying domains etc. I’ve taken the plunge! So here is my brain space in the ether space – from space for getting things done, to space for feeling frazzled and space for building more value in your life.


I never set out to be a writer. My worst grade in high school was English. Anyhow, life has led me here, to optimistically spread my message about authenticity and sharing my tips on how to get the life you want.

Hadn’t planned for fog, wind and rain but still got to the top of this mountain, despite my fear of heights

MY OWN Business (where’s the supervising adult?!) (April 2017)

With a goal to driving wellbeing and growth mindset in each person I meet, I’m off coaching people one-to-one and in teams at work. The balancing of work and life is a lifelong journey and I’m sharing what’s worked for me with the hope that it helps others to be more themselves.

where to find me?

Time for a cuppa?

Time for a cuppa? Find me in a coffee shop in Leeds

I’ve opted out of having a mailing list so that you can choose to see bite-size tips and thoughts on Twitter or Instagram,  or my blogs at Medium or here on my website.  

Come hang out with me in a place you already hang out in and I’ll keep reminding you to pick a life of your own design.