Group Coaching

The mission: By investing in improving time management, people can reduce their levels of stress, become more resilient to change and cultivate happier and more productive environments.

I support your staff to work collaboratively to achieve their common goals based on common business values and priorities.

What kind of company do you want to be?

What type of employee do you want to attract?

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My general objectives are:

  • Demonstrate time management tools to highlight what staff can do and what they can improve.
  • Identify individual stress triggers, stress responses and ways to manage them better.
  • Outline ways of maintaining wellbeing.

Specific objectives I would develop with yourselves. You know what your teams need most.

Workshop options:

I offer three types of group coaching workshops, with different activities on mindset changes, as well as actionable tools that teams can immediately use.


“Having known Jen for well over a year now and been privileged to spend time with her on both a one-to-one basis and also when she has organised and led group coaching, Jen is a very unique coach, to say she is inspirational would be too bland a comment as Jen has a depth and compassion that brings out the best in anyone who is fortunate to be in here presence.  Her ability in making every person feel valued and special in whatever coaching environment is taking place, obviously brings great vision and confidence to the person(s) involved.  Having spent the past 25 years coaching at various level and been coached by some incredible people, Jen Mak would always be classed as one of the best I’ve worked or have been involved with.” – Paul Abraham, The MMM Coach

The Elephant, the Rider and the Path – got to get your emotional and rational selves to work together!

At PwC during Leeds Wellbeing Week in April 2017, workshop attendees rated my time management workshop 4 out of 5 for ‘enjoyed’, ‘good understanding of practice’ and ‘want again’.

“To the point, Jen knows her stuff”
“A chance to reflect on what I am good at and where there is room for improvement”

Key takeaways included:

  • Important/urgent/not important/not urgent system
  • Small changes can grow among the team
  • Up to us to change
  • 80/20 rule

As well as a range of tools, I also give attendees food for thought on their mindset. Thereby encouraging sustainable improvements.

Contact me at to discuss your teams’ needs.