One-to-One Coaching

The mission:  By investing in improving your time management, you can reduce your stress, become more resilient to change and cultivate more productive and happier environments.

Build focus in your work with time management tools

You will receive an initial short 10-minute session to hone in on the key things that are draining your time and energy. With this clarity, I will provide ideas on how to tackle them right now. We will agree 3 achievable actions for you to try out that week.

These actions can range from recognising what your priorities are and how to prioritise them, to managing relationships with managers, colleagues or clients.

Within a week of this initial session we will have a follow up (50 minutes) to go further into detail about how useful the tools were and how they might be improved.

If after the initial 10 minute session, you do not want to carry on working with me, you do not have to and you will get a full refund.

Find me at PeoplePerHour, a curated community of freelancers.

Keep reading below to find out about what I offer and my own background.

Template 50-minute session:


  • A time management mindset
  • A time management tool
  • A stress management mindset
  • A stress management tool
  • A wellbeing tool

Example tools and mindset exercises:

  • Wheel of Life
  • How do you spend your time?
  • The Glass Jar
  • Eisenhower Box
  • Stress Bucket
  • Circle of Control
  • 5 Ways To Wellbeing
  • Your Ideal Schedule
  • Elephant, Rider and Path

The Elephant, the Rider and the Path – got to get your emotional and rational selves to work together!

Target objective:

  • Demonstrate time management tools to highlight what you can do and what you can improve
  • Identify individual stress triggers, stress responses and ways to manage them better
  • Outline ways of maintaining wellbeing
  • Save you at least 1 hour of your time that week

Specific objectives I would develop with you – you know what you need most

What is required of you:

  • A commitment to your own potential (I can only work with as much as you put in) – I recommend 6 weekly 50-minute sessions to begin with to give your life design due attention
  • Time – At times I will recommend exercises for you to try out to supplement our work together (such as journalling, recording time usage, creative exploration of metaphors regarding habits)
  • Money – I seek to offer a fair price that we both agree on. I provide time plans and specific time management tools for you to test out and tweak to design the life you want.

What I offer:Click here to view independent verification of my insurance cover

  • If in Leeds, I can offer face-to-face or in-situ coaching to better understand the various factors that impact on your thoughts and behaviour
  • If elsewhere, or preferred, I can offer video coaching using Skype or Facetime
  • A systemic approach – I work with you as a whole, looking at the impacts of health, work, relationships etc. altogether

Find me at PeoplePerHour, a curated community of freelancers.

“Very reflective and motivational coaching style. I have always found myself thinking more positively and constructively about any challenges I face after some much needed coaching by Jen.” – Ansa Ahmed, Founder of HOPE Bereavement Support